Brain Babies of the Boosh

Appreciation of the Minor Boosh Characters

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Appreciation of the Minor Boosh Characters.
We all know the brain children of the Boosh. Vince and Howard. Naboo and Bollo.

But what about the brain babies? The Piper twins? The mutants? Joey Moose? Fire? Naan bread? Excatly. We know you love them just as much. Let your love show!

Feel free to post art, fiction, anything really! Just enjoy yourselves and wallow in the glorious love of those beautiful minor characters! :D

Note from miss_g_b: Please tag your posts as best you can, including "artist: YourUsername" or "author: YourUsername" if it's art/fic you're posting. This is for my pleasure (slight OCD) and for the ease of finding them again. Thank you. :)